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4 Types of Slime Party | DIY Slime Kit

Additional information

Extractable Boron

0 mg/kg, 0-300 mg/kg, 300-1200 mg/kg


Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow

Product suitable temperature


Product Description

4 Types of Slime Party contains 4 different textures of slime. In a kit, they are clear glitter slime putty, butter slime, slimy sand, and cloud slime, each slime texture weighing 18-20g in a transparent PP plastic container. All of them are safe, non-toxic, and comply with EU EN71 and US ASTM F963 toy standards.

Suitable for novice slime lovers who are just starting, you can experience slime in 4 textures. After experiencing each slime, you can mix them to create your own slime without glue and borax.

4 Types of Slime have 4 basic colors: yellow, pink, blue, and green. Can be combined into different colors when mixed, which helps children’s recognition of colors.

slime putty, the most classic slime, has a thick texture and is not sticky. The combination of clear slime and galaxy glitter makes it more visually attractive.

Cloud slime has a fluffy feel. When you stretch it, you can see countless particles and threads.

Butter slime has a smooth touch and is also easy to stretch.

Slimy sand combines the graininess of sand with the soft touch of air dry clay, and it is versatile and mixes well with the other three types of slime.


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