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Glass Putty Toy | FindUwant Toy

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Additional information

Extractable Boron

300-1200 mg/kg



Product suitable temperature


Single product net weight


Single product size:L W H


Product Description

The 60g Glass Putty Toy comes in a round tin can(8*3cm).

Transparent, glass-like liquid putty toy, odorless. After repeated stretching, the silicone base is filled with air, and the entire putty  toy will turn silver.

Never dry out putty,  mainly made of silicon, is safe and non-toxic, has good stretch and bounce, and changes color with temperature changes, which are also helpful for ADHD with kids.

As a fidget stress relief toy, it is also suitable for adults to play with.

After playing, it should be stored in a tin can. The jar should be placed horizontally in case the jar cannot be opened.



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