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Glod Glitter Putty Toy | Amazing Putty

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Extractable Boron

300-1200 mg/kg

Single product net weight


Product suitable temperature


Single product size:L W H


Product Description

Glod Glitter Putty Toy: Super Illusions color, stretch and twist it to observe multi-layered color gradients.
The main ingredient in this product, like thinking putty or silly putty, is silicon. It has good flexibility. The unique touch makes you put it down.

Amazing putty toy can be a fidget toy for children and exercise hand muscles. As a therapy putty, it is also helpful for rehabilitation training for injured hands.

As a stress relief toy for adults, it releases anxiety. Put one on the office desk to bring you inspiration during brainstorming sessions. It can relieve sore hands or shoulders for adults who use computers for long periods.

Also suitable for ADHD patients. Relieve ADHD symptoms: people with ADHD often exhibit hyperactive and restless behaviors. Using fidget toys can reduce ADHD symptoms by providing them with an outlet to release excess energy through hand movement.

Use aluminum cans for packaging to avoid the risk of excessive heavy metals in tinplate cans. The putty weighs 40g, and children can play with it with both hands. An adult can hold it in just one hand.


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