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how to add scent to slime

How to add scent to slime? | Why some scents make you sick.

When we make a slime that looks perfect, it smells unpalatable and even disgusting. Why? This article will tell you how to add it to reduce the chance of scent slime “jump the shark. “

When we make a slime that looks perfect, it smells unpalatable and even disgusting. Why? This article will tell you how to add scent to slime to reduce the chance of scent slime “jump the shark. “

Why does my slime smell like plastic or have a sour smell?

Looking at most recipes, PVA glue will be used to make slime. If the raw material of the PVA glue used, that is–PVA, is not pure and contains impurities, then the slime you make will have an odor. Although it doesn’t smell good, it’s usually not nauseating.

What are these bad smells?

PVA smells unpleasant mainly because the production process is not pure and contains residual sodium hydroxide, sodium acetate, and other impurities.

Why does the slime I buy have a scent but smell disgusting?

There are roughly two reasons. Usually, the scent we add to slime is artificial. Some scents exist naturally, but the extraction cost is too high, so they are artificially synthesized.

Reason 1: You are allergic to a specific scented chemical molecule.

Reason 2: The slime contains CH₂O(formaldehyde), Kathon, and other preservatives. No one can tolerate these smells.

Slime is primarily composed of water and is a natural breeding ground for germs. To extend the shelf life of slime and prevent slime from getting moldy, bactericidal substances need to be added to kill germs.

The manufacturer adds fragrance to cover up the smell of formaldehyde or Kathon, but this does not eliminate the formaldehyde or Kathon. They still exist. (There may be other preservatives that are not allowed in toys)

How to add scent to slime?

  1. Choose edible flavors as scents.
  2. Check the instructions and dilute it by slime weight.
  3. Add the diluted scents after your slime is complete and ready for normal play. Do not add scents during the production process.

Are all scents(fragrances) safe for children?

Europe, which has stricter toy standards, has given a banned CAS number, updated in July 2022. (Directive (EU) 2020/2088和Directive (EU))

The law clearly requires:

Category 1: Allergenic fragrances that are prohibited from being used in toys; Category 2: Allergenic fragrances that need to be listed on toys; that is, when the concentration of the allergenic fragrances in toys or toy parts exceeds 100 mg/kg, they should be listed on the toys, accompanying labels, packaging, and accompanying sheets. Listed on page; Category 3: Allergenic fragrances that can be used in some toys under restricted conditions. Items 41 to 55 of Category 1 allergenic fragrances and 11 fragrances of Category 2 allergenic fragrances are allowed under restricted conditions. Used in olfactory board toys, cosmetic sets, and taste toys.

Allergenic fragrance namesCAS No.
Amyl salicylate2050-08-0
Carvone99-49-0; 6485-40-1; 2244-16-8
beta-Caryophyllene (ox.)87-44-5
Rose ketone-4 (Damascenone )23696-85-7
alpha-Damascone (TMCHB)43052-87-5; 23726-94-5
Dimethylbenzyl carbinyl acetate (DMBCA)151-05-3
Linayl acetate115-95-7
Menthol1490-04-6; 89-78-1; 2216-51-5
Methyl salicylate119-36-8
Propylidene phthalide17369-59-4
alpha-Terpineol10482-56-1; 98-55-5
Terpineol (mixture of isomers)8000-41-7
Tetramethyl acetyloctahydro naphthalenes54464-57-2; 54464-59-4; 68155-66-8; 68155-67-9
Trimethyl benzenepropanol (Majantol)103694-68-4
Cananga odorata and Ylang-ylang oil83863-30-3; 8006-81-3
Cedrus atlantica bark oil92201-55-3; 8000-27-9
Cinnamomum cassia leaf oil8007-80-5
Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil84649-98-9
Citrus aurantium amara flower oil8016-38-4
Citrus aurantium amara peel oil72968-50-4
Citrus bergamia peel oil expressed89957-91-5
Citrus limonum peel oil expressed84929-31-7
Citrus sinensis (syn.: Aurantium dulcis) peel oil expressed97766-30-8; 8028-48-6
Cymbopogon citratus / schoenanthus oils89998-14-1; 8007-02-1; 89998-16-3
Eucalyptus spp. leaf oil92502-70-0; 8000-48-4
Eugenia caryophyllus leaf / flower oil8000-34-8
Jasminum grandiflorum / officinale84776-64-7; 90045-94-6; 8022-96-6
Juniperus virginiana8000-27-9; 85085-41-2
Laurus nobilis fruit oil8007-48-5
Laurus nobilis leaf oil8002-41-3
Laurus nobilis seed oil84603-73-6
Lavandula hybrida91722-69-9
Lavandula officinalis84776-65-8
Mentha piperita8006-90-4; 84082-70-2
Mentha spicata84696-51-5
Narcissus spp.Diverse,include:90064-25-8
Pelargonium graveolens90082-51-2; 8000-46-2
Pinus mugo90082-72-7
Pinus pumila97676-05-6
Pogostemon cablin8014-09-3; 84238-39-1
Rose flower oil (Rosa spp.)Diverse,include:8007-01-0,93334-48-6,84696-47-9,84604-12-6,90106-38-0,84604-13-7,92347-25-6
Santalum album84787-70-2; 8006-87-9
Turpentine (oil)8006-64-2; 9005-90-7; 8052-14-0
Citronellol106-22-9; 1117-61-9; 7540-51-4
Atranol (2,6-Dihydroxy-4-methyl-benzaldehyde)526-37-4
Chloroatranol (3-Chloro-2,6-Dihydroxy-4-methyl-benzaldehyde)57074-21-2
Methyl heptine carbonate111-12-6

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Today’s online stores don’t have many security requirements for slime.

For the safety of your children, try to avoid overly cheap slimes when purchasing.

If you want to know how to choose a safe slime, you can read my article:Slime without borax? | Before starting a slime business, you must know the 5 things.

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