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Heat Sensitive Color Changing Putty Toy Tin Can | FindUwant Toy

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Blue, Green, Orange, Purple

Extractable Boron

300-1200 mg/kg

Single product net weight


Single product size:L W H


Product Description

60g Heat Sensitive Color Changing Putty Toy comes in a round tin can(size 8*3cm), 4 colors available.12 pcs with a 26*17*5.5 display case.

The temperature of color change is 28-30°C, with 4 variations in total: green to light green, purple to pink, blue to purple, and orange to yellow.

Never dry out putty,  mainly made of silicon, is safe and non-toxic, has good stretch and bounce, and changes color with temperature changes, which are also helpful for ADHD with kids.

As a fidget stress relief toy, it is also suitable for adults to play with.

After playing, it should be stored in a tin can. The jar should be placed horizontally in case the jar cannot be opened.



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