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Slimy Sand Slime Kit 2 in 1 | DIY Butter Slime

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Slimy Sand Slime Kit. Make your own butter slime. #playsand #kineticsand #slime #slimekit #diyslime

Slimy Sand Slime Kit includes 80g of slime sand and 90g of clear slime putty in a plastic container, available in 4 color combinations.

Slimy sand combines the graininess of sand with the soft touch of air dry clay. It can be easily shaped, squeezed, and stretched. When stretched, countless sands can be seen migrating as if flowing. Although slimy sand is “slimy,” it doesn’t stick to your hands or other surfaces like clay, so it’s easy to clean.

Slimy sand can help children recognize shapes and stimulate their creativity and imagination. Slimy sand is a stress relief toy that is also suitable for adults. The never dry out properties allow it to be used repeatedly.

Transparent slime putty also brings novel visual and tactile feelings to children. Children can stretch and squeeze the slime freely. It can also inspire children’s curiosity in scientific exploration, such as understanding viscosity, elasticity, and the state of matter.

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