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Make Your Own Slime Kit |FindUwant Toy

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The Make Your Own Slime Kit contains a bottle of slime PVA glue, a bottle of slime activator, a stirring stick, a measuring cup, a container for stirring, a bottle of coloring, and 3 bags of glitter or accessories.

DIY Slime Kit, make your own slime.

How to make slime? Choose our Diy Slime kit, and have 100% success in making your own slime safe by step:

1. Squeeze the slime activator into the measuring cup, about 20ml mark, and pour into the empty container.

2. Squeeze the PVA glue into the measuring cup, about 60ml mark, and pour into the empty container. Residual glue can be scraped into the container with a stir stick.

3. Add coloring, or luminous powder, or scented(As provided in the package). If you want to make unscented slime or make clear slime, skip this step.

4. Mix them with a stir stick. After about a minute, your slime is ready. You can continue to add glitter or other accessories.

Add less PVA glue if you want your slime to be more watery, it all depends on you.

The DIY slime kit can make slime 3-4 times, each time is about 80g.

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