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Different types of slime | 9 Slime textures

Exploring the Diverse Textures of Slime Toys: A guide for different types of slime.

Types of slime guide

We have many different types of slime on our slime manufacturer. Here is a guide to help you choose slime from slime texture.

Butter Slime – Smooth and Fluffy

Butter slime’s main ingredients are foam Microspheres(main components of air dry clay), Polyvinyl alcohol, water, PVA, and Glycerol. It has a butter-like texture and a smooth feel. If you keep stretching it, it will become softer, and its volume will expand to 2-4 times its original size.

Butter slime that has just been taken out of the container feels hard to stretch. This is most likely because the temperature is too low. Repeated stretching will significantly improve it, and it will become softer. This problem usually occurs in winter. Most slimes have this property.

We have ready-made butter slime and DIY butter slime recipes (require using our other slime mix).

butter slime texture
Butter slime texture

Cloud Slime – Fluffy and Soft

Cloud slime is crafted with white Polyvinyl alcohol, Glycerol, water, and mixed Instant snow powder. Adding snow powder makes the slime fluffier and smoother. If you dislike slimy slime, cloud slime is a good choice. Stretch it, and you can see countless threads and transparent particles.

cloud slime texture
Cloud slime texture

Slime – Watery and Ooze

Mattel invented the most classic one. The main ingredients are guar gum, water, and boron. It has almost no stretchability or modeling. Many people will feel like it sort of crumbles and falls apart. This is its feature, watery slime but not sticky. If you want to make your watery slime, you can choose our DIY slime kit. 100% success step by the DIY slime recipe video(Use our slime glue and Activator). Making less watery slime or more watery slime all depends on you.

Compared with traditional slime putty, it is more watery, and the state is similar to slime after exposure to the summer sun. Almost no plasticity or stretchability.

Our slime here.

Mica powder in slime texture
Mica powder in slime texture

Tips: One of the keys to slime care is that all slimes are afraid of high temperatures and direct sunlight and should be kept in a cool place.

Icee Slime – Transparent and Fluffy

It feels close to cloud slime but softer. It is made from a mixture of transparent clear and snow powder.

Clear Slime – Transparent and Squishy

Clear slime is made of clear glue and Activator, high-quality clear slime is unscented and has no fine particles when stretched and unfolded. After repeated stretching, it will turn silver, and the volume slightly increase. If you squeeze it, it will make a popping sound and is one of the popular props for ASMR.

Picture of clear slime

Ice Cube Slime -Crunchy and Squishy

Squares of pearl cotton are added to the transparent slime. When the pearl cotton is filled with slime, it looks like an ice cube, and the texture becomes hard. Squeezing it is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Foam Slime – Squishy and Smooth

A small amount of Foam is wrapped in slime. Not sticky, the foam does not fall off, no activator is needed, and you can play it as soon as you get it. Resin, Silicone, Beeswax, and Foam are added based on slime. Rub it, and you will feel the massage on your palms.

Foam slime texture

If you need to shape it like air-dry clay, we have smaller foam beads that can be permanently shaped in about one day using special glue.

Foma Putty – Easy Modeling and Never Dry Out

It also has excellent shaping features, is non-sticky, and can be used repeatedly. It’s all foam beads so you won’t feel the presence of slime. The Foma putty is also an excellent prop for ASMR without worrying about dirtying expensive microphones or the microphone circuit being damaged due to slime.

foam putty-FindUwant Toy 7
Foam putty texture

Slime Putty – Stretch and Soft

The texture of slime putty in different types of slime is balanced. Many types of slime are made by adding other ingredients to it. For example, Butter slime can be made simply by adding air-dry clay to slime putty.

Why Texture Matters in Slime Play

The texture of slime plays a role in the sensory experience when playing it. Each type of slime offers a different sensation, which can be soothing, stimulating, or just fun. Whether you’re looking for something to calm your nerves, enhance your focus, or enjoy some playful time, all different types of slime can suit your needs.


We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of the diverse textures available in our slime collection. From the smoothness of butter slime to the crunchiness of foam slime, each type offers a unique sensory experience. We invite you to explore our slime website and find the slime that best fits your preference.

We are a professional slime manufacturer providing high-quality slime OEM customization. If you want to know how to choose slime from a safety perspective, please read “Slime without borax? | Before starting a slime business, you must know the 5 things“.

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